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dave dave at ranteer.com
Sat Aug 26 20:24:33 MDT 2017

I have one of these:  http://ezcarlift.com/ezcarlift_features.html

I can't put in a regular lift, so this is the best answer for me.  I can't
believe I used to jack cars up and put them on jack stands.

This is TOTALLY	worth it!!!!

Contact me offline if you want to discuss it in more detail.  Also see:

I have a set of  crossbars for the LBC's and one for my 350Z.  we had to
change the oil, tran, and diff fluid on the Z and it was slam dunk easy.
With that.  Best garage tool ever.

I think this is better than the ones that use hydraulics because this is
pretty easy to move around.

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In my old age I'm getting tired of lugging 2x's around to get the car high
enough to wheel a jack and jack stands underneath. I may break down and buy
a car lift. Do you guys and gals have a favorite product? Anyone use this:



David Brady

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