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I bought a Bend Pak scissor lift, a heavier model than this so I could use on the bigger family vehicles.   A friend has a Bend Pak 4-Poster and recommended the brand to me. 

Really like and would recommend it, NFI.  One minus for the TR3 was that the tires just rub a bit on the insides.  I made a 2x6 frame to go around it and not only does it raise the tires sufficiently, a stop at the end lets me park the car precisely where it should be.  Clearance is good, I don't use the heavy arms that came with it, just set blocks where I want it to meet the frame.  It raises to 48"

So nice to work on interiors with the car a couple feet in the air.  Not a job where you would think of needing a lift.  

Pick a good one, there's not that much cost difference.  

Bill B

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In my old age I'm getting tired of lugging 2x's around to get the car high enough to wheel a jack and jack stands underneath. I may break down and buy a car lift. Do you guys and gals have a favorite product? Anyone use this:



David Brady

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