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Peter Arakelian PeterAra at msn.com
Mon Aug 21 21:01:29 MDT 2017

first a thks to those who did respond to my problem:  a loud clatter from the right rear of my cylinder head.
following advice I have done the following:
Listened through a hose to isolate the noise:  Definelty #6 exhaust valve.  Hose against the exhaust manifold loud clatter; against the block, it will make you deaf!  Other valves are very quiet with similar test.  Other side is quiet.
Compression:  #6 was highest of all at 145 lbs.  Rest were 135-140.
visual inspection:  nothing broken, all working OK
Valve gap:  all OK
Suggestions have been loose seat, blown exhaust gasket, bad pushrod, bad lifter.
Valve gap being OK pretty much rules out the bad seat, quiet on left side of head and block rules out lifter and pushrod.
Leaves gasket, but the noise seems isolated, and  really loud and metallic from the head itself and the manifold right at #6 exhaust only.
Thoughts, please.

Please respond to me direct, too, I am on digest version.
 Peter Arakelian - 71 TR6

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