[TR] TR2/3 wire wheel adapters - frightening experience.

EDWARD WOODS fogbro1 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 13:12:20 MDT 2017


That being the case, then why are wire wheel nuts R/H thread on the left side and L/H thread on the right side of the car? Not trying to be a smart ass, just puzzled.   Wire wheel nuts are self tightening, aren't they?

What's the difference?

Ed Woods

>     On August 21, 2017 at 1:54 PM Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:
>         > > 
> >         Clearly a case of needing to do more routine checking -
> >         especially when
> >         it comes to wheels. Can't figure out why the nuts backed off
> > 
> >             * I think
> >               Loctite would be a good idea here.
> > 
> >     > 
>     I'm not sure about Loctite, but it is definitely important to torque those
>     funky double-taper nuts to 65 ft-lb (not the 50 ft-lb used for regular lug
>     nuts). Not just any time you have them off, but every year as part of your
>     annual wire wheel maintenance (IMO).
>     The physics is a bit hard to explain, but basically because they are right
>     hand threads on the left hand side; any tiny bit of motion will eventually
>     unscrew the nut!
>     I had the same thing happen with Dad's TR3A many decades ago, except I was
>     fortunate enough to notice the squirrely handling caused by the adapter
>     being almost off the studs before the wheel actually parted company. Just
>     pure luck that two of the nuts were still on the threads when I took an exit
>     ramp rather faster than I should have.
>     Then the same thing happened again, same car, just a few years ago. That
>     time the wheel did come off, taking the fender with it.
>     -- Randall
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