[TR] Fuel pump problems

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Aug 18 13:58:35 MDT 2017

Are you even sure the pump is the problem? Could be a restricted fuel line, or a tank venting problem.

If it is the pump, my inclination would be to rebuild it. TRF sells a really nice rebuild kit that includes the shaft seal and a brass screen for the sediment bowl. Also a nitrile rubber seal that works much better than the old cork.

Near the tank is probably better, but Dads TR 3A had an electric pump mounted fairly high on the inner fender above the stock pump location and it worked fine.

I'm fond of the little Facet cubes, but they do tend to be noisy if you just bolt them to sheet metal. Some sort of isolation mount is essential, IMO. Whatever pump you choose, be sure to get the right pressure rating (2 psi IIRC). American carbs take more pressure.
-- Randall
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