[TR] Overdrive Update

Reihing, Randall S. Randall.Reihing at utoledo.edu
Mon Aug 7 06:05:54 MDT 2017

Randall, this is a very interesting, simple and rather brilliant, modification. Your custom nut is long enough to bear on the transmission housing eliminating the need for a hex wrench to secure the nut when rotating the socket head screw.

In Terry's instance, if the slot in the lever arm requires widening could this be the result of wear on the lever arm slipping on the pin just enough to cause a groove to develop on the pin so that the lever arm cannot securely and adequately clamp the pin before the gap in the lever arm closes? If this is happening, over time could this possibly weaken the pin so it eventually fatigues and separates?

I am lost as to how the referenced "short pin" is used in the adjustment lever unless it's used between the lever arm and the pin to open the lever arm slot so the arm can compress on the pin.

I took a chance without researching it first and have purchased a very low time 1964 or 1965 TR4 OD transmission thinking I can use it in my 1959 TR3A. Any advice on installing this transmission this will be truly appreciated.

Randall S. in Ohio

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Too late this time, but if it happens again, you might want to consider a simple mod.  I made a custom nut and used a socket head screw, so that it was easy to get it tight enough and also allow adjustment without removing the tunnel.



Not shown is the short pin I cut to put in the adjustment lever with needle nose pliers.

-- Randall

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