[TR] Tr2 engine rebuild time

Chris Simo ccsimonsen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 06:17:24 MST 2016

After I change out the automatic transmission in my pickup, I'll be pulling
the engine on the TR2.  Last time I ran it, there was terrible blo by, but
great oil pressure.

I don't think I should just do a re-ring, though the thought crossed my
mind. It's the original motor, too.  With blo by and lot's of miles, I
figure it's time to go the replacement piston and sleeves.
Does the collective knowledge think the 1.25 bore strombergs will breathe
enough for 86mm pistons?

Any other items unique to tr2 motors come to mind?

Thanks (using my last payen head gasket on this one)

1954 TR2; 1963 TR4 (running); 1969 TR6 (basket case impulse buy); 1973 TR6
(engine/driveline/brakes done, paint next)
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