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John -

Before you pull the gearbox - if your only symptom is 'won't go into gear'
-- you may want to check how much movement you're getting at the slave
cylinder.  If the slave & fork are moving ½" or a bit more then it may well
be a broken fork pin.  But if you are not seeing good movement then the
problem may lie elsewhere (and be easier to deal with).

As for paint -- $3,000 for a decent paint job would be cheap where I live.


On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 9:14 PM, John Summers <rivers2hills at yahoo.com>

> If I only had a brain I wouldn't have sent three posts.
> The BIG question:  How much should it cost to replace
> the $59.00 fork or the stupid pin, knowing that the transmission
> has to come out and go back in?  Heck, today I was parked
> across the street from a body shop and could see a Porsche
> ready for paint.  I went in the office and asked for a price
> - not engine bay or other hidden places.  $3,000   !!!!
> As the man said, this isn't Maaco.  I replied,
> $3,000 will buy a lot of sandpaper and spray cans.
> Not really,,,,,I have a spray gun and compressor, AND
> two DVDs on how to do it.
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