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Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
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hi Joeand thank you.i had originally planed to cast or machine my own bell-housing for my TR3. cost became a big issue, so i abandoned that. had the 3d model all ready to go!
but there is a supplier in Australia who sells the bell housing for around 500.00 US back when i bought mine.
all the other stuff i can machine myself, flywheel, slave cylinder adapter, pilot bushing etc
i managed to build my own for less than 1000.00 and my prop shaft solution was far better than any i have seen.
so i take it your telling me my TR3 bell housing will bolt up to the GT6 block?

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Frank -
I haven't done anything like this but I'll comment anyway...
The flanges on later gearboxes were thicker (and thus had more strength) so I think you would want to go with those.
You do realize that the TR bell housing & gearbox case are all one casting so (I presume) you're looking at cutting and welding to make a bolt-up bell housing for the Toyota box?  There are, of course, kits for all this.
On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Frank Fisher <yellowtr3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

im about to embark on building a 5 speed toyota transmission for a friend. its for his triumph GT6.
so, i want to be sure i get the correct or near correct bell housing. its all about the bell housing and nothing more.
a TR3 transmission will fit a TR4.a tr4 transmission will fit a TR6 according to recent posts.
a GT6 motor is the same block as a TR6 just smaller pistons and stroke to make it a 2000cc..??????

so i am assuming that a bell-housing from a TR will mount to a GT6 motor.

i can engineer all other parts, flywheel, clutch, throw out bearings and forks etc.
am i correct in the statements i made above?

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