[TR] Stag Hollys

Glenn A. Merrell - TSN StagByTriumph at triumphstagclub.org
Wed Jan 27 21:59:24 MST 2016


Maybe check the timing?  Also a vacuum leak?  You should be able to 
close the throttle plates to make the engine die.  What is holding them 
Also check the choke plate, it should also fully open.

Glenn Merrell
TSN Admin
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On 1/27/2016 5:51 PM, Lee&John Howard wrote:
> My Stag is running, but I can't get the idle below 2000. Removed the 
> carb and checked settings and jest and all seemed OK. Timing is 
> correct. Fuel levels appear OK. Is it a jetting issue? Any ideas?
> Many thanks
> john Howard

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