[TR] Nisonger Instrument Repair

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sat Jan 16 13:21:11 MST 2016

I had pretty good luck using the John Wolf & Company to rebuild my TR4A speedo last year. They are located in Willioghby, Ohio. Before the rebuild, the speedo cable was breaking about every 200 miles it seemed like. The company was recommended to me by another list member here in Ohio. The rebuild took about 3 weeks and my cable problems are gone plus the needle is pretty steady.  I think they charged me $175.00.


Just another source.

Dave Connitt
'67 TR4A-IRS

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    Man, am I delighted!  Sent my speedo (uhm, speedometer, that is) to Nisonger about 12 days ago.  Got it back repaired already!

   Glad your result was good.  I sent a speedometer to Nisonger for recalibration after a diff change as they said:

    There will be an additional minimum $25 charge over and above our  standard $175 (plus shipping) rebuilding charge, because of the additional parts and labor required to change out the internal gearing of the Speedometer so that both the speed and distanced traveled both read correctly...

  What I got back was a corrected odo but the speedometer was only accurate at 60 mph.  Off about 15% in city traffic and high speed.

  At first Nisonger claimed it was my fault as I must have sent them the wrong data (cables turns in 1/100 mile) - but then I pointed out that the odo was correct.

  Then they claimed that the speed could not be corrected for the diff change - and I explained there were at least three ways this can be adjusted (magnet strength, spring strength and gap between the magnet and drag cup).

  Finally they agreed to try to make it better if I would ship it back (at my expense, of course).  I think their plan was to try a different spring.

  I never got to find out if they could, in fact, do this, as UPS lost my package somewhere in the Bronx on December 19.

  Fortunately I was able to locate an NOS unit with the correct TPM for the diff I have so all is well.



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