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don’t bother with mo-ma – they are doing high dollar cars and don’t care about anything else.  

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The first few times I used Nisonger everything was fine. Then the prices started to creep, then I had to return gauges, then it became my fault.

I think next time I will try Mo-Ma or West Valley.

Andrew Uprichard
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  +1 on morris

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  Many of the 6-Pack guys have been using West Valley Instruments for the past few years. You tell Morris what you want done and he quotes a price. When he receives the instrument, he inspects and lets you know if anything else needs to be done that will affect the price and quotes a completion date. Beside doing the usual rebuilds/calibration he does electronic and GPS conversions, face restoration/painting and LED lighting if desired.  For stock cable driven instruments (Tach & Speedo) he usually recommends a new cable that he builds to the proper specs with regard to tip dimensions. An out of spec cable tip can wreck a newly rebuilt gauge.

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