[TR] Lightening TR3 Flywheel

Gregory Donovan gregorydonovan at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 10 10:08:17 MST 2016

The advantages of a lighter flywheel are pretty clear. Faster acceleration = more fun.

Once you have a lighter flywheel installed and balanced, etc., are there any long-term disadvantages? 
E.g. does that extra mass in the flywheel help absorb vibration that is now absorbed by something else in a flywheel-lightened car?

      From: Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com>

>      ISTR that there are instructions somewhere on lightening 
> a stock TR3 flywheel. Anyone on the list have it? I don't 
> have Kastner's competition prep book. I did find a grainy 
> instruction diagram in Vizard's competition prep book.

Here's what I have.  The Kastner books I checked don't give details for lightening. 

You might try talking to Joe Alexander.  ISTR he said he had a shop that knew how to remove 7 lb or so.  He did a run of lightweight
steel flywheels made, but I think they're all gone and I've not heard that he plans to get more made.

Of course, there's always the alloy Fidanza, available through Summit and others.  I've been very happy with mine, but there are
some concerns so that may be more than you want for your Morgan.  The racers seem to have a hard time keeping them on the crank, but
that hasn't been an issue for me on the street.  I still had to heat it up with a torch to get it off the old 3A motor, after
roughly 50K miles.  (The instructions note that it is a light press fit onto the crankshaft and suggest using heat to remove it.)


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