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According to My "illustrated Triumph Buyers Guide"

TR2 was rated at 90 BHP

TR3 was rated at 95 BHP until somewhere shortly after TS13046

TR3 was rated at 100 BHP

TR3B/TR4 was rated at 100 BHP or 105 BHP depending on the source.  The
aforementioned book says 100 BHP.  (apparently TR4 was available as a 2.0L
or 2.2L?)

I have some period advertisements here that advertise a TR3 at 110 BHP.

Didn't mean to start WWIII, it was just my observation that I couldn't tell
the difference in power between a TR3 and a TR3 B.

Apparently it is because there isn't one.

Jonas Payne
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> Could be, Randall, but this is the first time I've ever heard about 
> this. Any sources you can cite?

Well, of course there is Practical Hints 6th edition, which actually lists
the 86mm engine as standard.  But I can't find a reference to actual
production numbers at the moment, except for Richard Newton's book, which
describes 86mm as being "a major option worth looking for". Piggott notes
only that 86mm "became standard" with the TR3B.  So perhaps it wasn't as
common as I think; and all the late TR3A engines I've found with old 86mm
liners were just modified after being built.

But my original point stands, there was no 10% bump in rated power between
the later 83mm engine and the early TR4 with 86mm engine.


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