[TR] Pulling TR3 Hubs

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Dec 30 07:28:10 MST 2016

No puller is needed for the _front_ hubs.  Just remove the caliper and axle
nut, then a gentle tug on the rotor should slide the hub assembly right off.
Be sure to catch the outer bearing cone, as it will fall out just before the
hub comes off.
Rear hubs are a different story, to say the least.  They are mounted on a
locking taper, and it locks really tight.  They won't come off with any sort
of ordinary hub puller; and the attempt is likely to ruin the hub, the
puller, or both.  Anything that grabs the outer edge of the flange, or just
the studs without supporting the flange, is doomed to failure.

There are several successful puller designs that folks have come up with,
including a reproduction of the factory tool (Churchill M.86A, photo
attached), but I don't know of anyone that sells them.  If you only need to
do this once, the best route IMO is to remove the hub and shaft as an
assembly, and send them off to someone that has the right tool.

-- Randall 
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