[TR] TR4A Soft Top Installation

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Thu Dec 29 19:53:09 MST 2016

Looking for some expertise on this subject.  I am beginning to install a Robins top on my TR4A.  The closest instructions I have found was a Buckeye Triumphs article on installing a soft top on a TR250/TR6.  Much of the article is useful, but not meant for a TR4A.  My thoughts for the webbing is to attach them to the rear retainer bar, bolt the bar to the body and fit the webbing.  Have the old webbing to help locate the frame ribs.  Fitting the rear of the top to the bar, after it's unbolted, seems straight forward.  The top has a fold at the rear that will set the position of the bar and Lift-the-Dot studs.   I am less sure on how to handle the the front.  Based on the old top, the front flap is is folded over the one piece steel channel seal and riveted to the header.  And there is a rubber seal to be attached.  Any suggestions on how to do this and get a tight top will be greatly appreciated.  I claim no expertise.  Any comments are welcomed.
John DeLuca
St. Louis

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