[TR] Oil Pressure Loss

david brady dmb993 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 26 13:44:21 MST 2016

Wow, this group is certainly experienced with dumping oil out of live
engines! I understand it was common practice to do hot engine oil
changes on irrigation engines. It was to cumbersome to take the engine's
completely out of service which would require re-priming to get the
pumps running again; instead, they brought the engines to a slow idle,
opened a ball valve to drain the sump, spun on a new filter, and
refilled the sump, then the engine was cranked up to full load.

I had my self pretty much convinced that even though I dumped three
quarts out the gauge orifice I never starved the bearings of oil flow.
Now I'm not so sure. I have an aluminum sump which holds 7 quarts. I
pumped out three, so now the question is, how deep does the oil pump
suction inlet go into the sump pan? IOWs, did the oil geyser stop
because I shut down the engine or did it stop because the oil pump
started sucking air after pumping three quarts?

'68 TR250,

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