[TR] Oil Pressure Loss

LT llst at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 25 14:24:20 MST 2016

David, can't help you with your questions however I had a similar 
experience; the year was 1976 and I was driving a TR3A with a 
transplanted TR6 engine on a Los Angles freeway.
It was dark outside and I had never been on more than a  2 perhaps 3 
lane highway before and when I checked my instrument panel, the oil 
pressure indicate 0 psi

Managed to get over to the side of the road and when I checked the 
dipstick, nothing.

Turns out I had used some rubber surgical tubing to make the connection 
from the metal oil pressure line to the engine block and the barbed 
fitting had finally let go after a few thousand miles.
A state trooper drove me down to the nearest service station and I 
purchased 4 quarts of oil and received a ride back to the car from one 
of the employees. Girlfriend and contents were still in the car.

After adding the oil and starting the engine, there would be a brief 
knocking. At low rpm, I did not hear any other strange noises. After 
reconnecting the line, the oil pressure was down to about 10 psi
I added a couple of cans of STP oil additive which was similar to the 
consistency of honey at  0 F. This raised the oil pressure by about 5 
psi and I was able to drive the car back to Canada  (2000 Miles) at 
about 40 mph. (the tranny had O/D)

Was a very long trip back, a 12  hour day netted about 350 miles with a 
few sight seeing stops along the coastal route.

 From what I recall, several mechanical issues on this trip prior to the 
oil loss. - loose alternator connection on gauge, - brake fluid leak at 
master cylinder,  -water pump replacement, and torn diaphragm on one carbs.

The torn diaphragm occurred on the way from Vegas to LA and caused the 
car to run lean and the added heat in the exhaust system resulted in 
some carpet melting/burning behind the drivers seat.
The first sign of the carpet meltdown was a sweet odor which we thought 
was desert air and later, smoke came out from under the dash making me 
think the prince of darkness was at it.

Oh yeah, then there was the rainstorm somewhere around Yellowstone 
National Park  which proved that the car was not waterproof. Water came 
in everywhere which probably explains why floor pans require replacement.
The rain was a bit of a relief from the bytes of the mosquito swarm that 
feasted when I stopped to put the top up and and install the side curtains.

I am thinking about a Spitfire trip from Vancouver to Phoenix in the 
Spring but not so sure I could handle as many issues at this point in my 
life. Perhaps I will trailer the car.

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