[TR] Oil Pressure Loss

david brady dmb993 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 24 15:29:41 MST 2016

Thanks Greg and Tony,

The engineer in me had to run the numbers and they agree with what
you're saying. It appears given the fluid density of 10W30 oil and the
size of the orifice there should be about a 25psi pressure drop across
the orifice. Having the tube disconnected is like having a 25psi
pressure relief valve (gauge pressure), and given I didn't drain the
sump dry, and given that my normal cold oil pressure at idle is around
75psi, there should be plenty of pressure and flow going to the oil
galleries. Another way of looking at is in 15 seconds I drained oil at
the rate of 1.5gpm but I know the pump is capable of quite a bit more,
easily 5 or maybe as high as 10gpm. In either case I think I'm okay;
very scary though! Thanks for your input.

Merry Christmas,
'68 TR250, CD8124L

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