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Sat Dec 24 13:44:52 MST 2016

It happens to the best (and the rest) of us.  I don't think 15 seconds at idle with no pressure is going to hurt anything, I had an MGB in college that seemed to take that long to build up pressure each time I started it from an overnight sit.  I worried about it but never had any problems.  Really don't think there will be any damage.

Merry Christmas,

Greg Lemon
68 TR250

---- david brady <dmb993 at earthlink.net> wrote: 
> Hi Folks,
> Big blunder on my part. Long story short, I inadvertently started the 
> cold engine with the oil pressure tube disconnected. Runtime maybe 15 
> seconds with a couple of low rev throttle blips. I noticed a smell so I 
> immediately checked the oil pressure gauge saw no pressure so I  shut 
> off the engine. The smell was oil leaving the engine. I started the 
> engine outside the car with the bonnet open which is typical for me. I 
> need to manually hold the weber chokes shut with my hand as I turn over 
> the engine.
> Here are the particulars:
> 1) cold engine
> 2) seven quarts of fresh 10w-30 Brad Penn oil in sump
> 3) start engine, maybe 15s (probably less) of runtime, no-load
> 4) 3 quarts of oil pushed out the oil pressure gauge fitting
> 5) engine has cam bearings.
> I replenished the lost 3 quarts of oil, started the engine, and went for 
> a 20 mile drive. No external signs of anything wrong. Engine runs great.
> Several questions:
> 1) with the oil pressure loss out the disconnected fitting is there any 
> chance of even a dribble of oil being fed to the oil galleries?
> 2) I understand about oil flow rate being important and about the 
> hydrodynamic oil film required with plain bearings which actually 
> generates the oil pressure in the bearing's oil film itself. I'm more 
> concerned about the heat buildup at the bearings due to lack of flow. 
> What are the chances of bearing damage due to heat buildup in this case?
> 3) which bearings would be the first to show damage? Main, connecting 
> rod, cam?
> 4) is it recommended to drop the sump and roll out a bearing to check 
> condition?
> Here's how it happened: a month or so ago I was testing the accuracy of 
> my oil pressure gauge so I bolted on a new gauge. I then ran my tests 
> and disconnected the tube from the crankcase in preparation to reconnect 
> the stock tube, but I was then pulled away from project and failed to 
> reconnect the stock pressure gauge tube. Fast forward a month and I 
> completely forget that the engine's not buttoned up and I start the 
> engine! Yikes!
> Thanks for your input,
> Merry Christmas,
> David
> '68 TR250
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