[TR] Triumphs Digest, Vol 9, Issue 288

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Dec 22 17:37:08 MST 2016

> I would use loctite but if it was correctly torqued ???

I'm not sure what the "correct" torque is; but I can confirm that bolt tends
to work loose even when tightened to over 100 ftlb.

Lots of high frequency torsional vibration in that area; in fact it has been
suggested that the rubber bushings in the fan mount tend to act as harmonic

Oil resistant blue Loctite seems to work well, but takes significant extra
effort to remove.

Be sure to check for damage to the keyway in the hub.  In my case, the hub
was ruined, and the crank nose worn undersize from the hub working back and
forth on the clearance to the key.


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