[TR] STOLEN: 1957 Triumph TR3A #TS22126L

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Dec 20 21:00:30 MST 2016

> Is there a license plate number, body damage, or
> something
> unique that would cause one to call 911 instead of hearty thumbs up?

>From the web forum:
" It is missing the carpet and insulation for the transmission hump, and it
also has two small black round tweeters mounted on the corners of the

There's also a fake woodgrain on the dash which I think is not stock or

Browsing through his photo album, it appears the license was CA "SWNG OUT".
Not likely to still be on the car, of course, but you never know.  Car
thieves are stupid sometimes.

The "occasional" seat is not quite stock, and has a flat panel below instead
of being open (there are speakers hidden in the panel)

Apparently has a retractable (electric) radio antenna.

Choke knob has a T shaped head, with the legend "Choke Lock" and two arrows
on it.

The OD switch has a round black knob with a hexagonal bezel in the middle,
looks to be blue in the photo.  (Not the standard lever switch with the
teardrop body.)

Handbrake boot appears to be missing, there is a piece of split plastic wire
loom visible just behind the lever.

Twin chrome tips on the exhaust.

None of these alone is all that unusual, but all of them together might
merit a 911 call.

-- Randall 

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