[TR] TR3A steering help

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Sep 29 20:45:59 MDT 2015

> Excellent topic.  I have the same issue.  There is an 
> adjustment on the top of the steering box that is used to 
> adjust out the play but mine is adjusted full tight and I 
> still have a good inch or two of play.

Which if you think about it, means the play must be somewhere else.  For example, it cannot compensate for end play in the steering
shaft, or wear in the rocker shaft bushing, or even severe wear in the pin.  On my last go-round, I found that the pin had worked
loose in the rocker shaft, which is another thing that the adjustment cannot compensate for.  There are also lots of other places,
like the Silent bloc bushings, tie rod ends and idler arm.

IMO the adjusting screw is really meant to compensate for manufacturing tolerances, like slight variations in how the box is
machined.  It is not intended (nor does it function) to take up wear in the box.  Any attempt to use it to compensate for wear is
likely to producing binding and internal damage.

Herman van den Akker used to modify the top covers with the spring, but I believe he quit doing so long ago.  Not a good
modification anyway, IMO, as the overall effect is to increase friction and make the steering vague in hard corners.  I've only
driven one car with it installed, but the steering was downright dangerous, IMO.  It reportedly steering much better after going
back to the stock top cover, and adjusting the box properly.


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