[TR] TR3 coil question

Jason Sukey jsukey at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 12:26:04 MDT 2015

    Not TR3 related, but I've had to play around with coils on my modified
GT6 using the 123 distributor (USB tune model).  After a lot of fiddling, I
found that with the recommended Bosch "blue" coil, it would "go flat" at
high rpms when I was accelerating hard.  (this is compared to points dizzy
with a hot coil).
I ended up with the Bosch "red" coil (made in Brazil model, I'm told the
made in Mexico version is of lesser quality).  This solved my problems and
it once again is happy to pull strong up to 7,000 RPM's.

My theory is that the lower voltage "Blue" coil is fine for stock
applications, but isn't enough for higher performance use.

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