[TR] TR3A Leaf Spring front pin/bolt

Art McEwen amcewen2 at cogeco.ca
Fri Sep 18 11:37:13 MDT 2015

Thanks Randall, I'll have to lie under the car to study your method before I fully understand.


On 09/18/15, Randall  <TR3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:
> My method:
> Hardened all-thread, hardened nuts, extra thick hardened flat washers (aka setup washers) all from MMC. (ISTR the thread is 5/16 NF,
> but double-check that)
> Soak the pin in PBB (or your choice of penetrating oil) for several weeks beforehand.
> Use a bottoming tap to clean out the threads in the head. 
> Find a suitable socket that will just fit over the head of the pin (and the little tab on the frame). Cut a piece of all-thread
> about 4" long, and use double nuts to lightly torque it into the head of the pin. Remove the nuts, lube the threads with the best
> lube you've got, then use the setup washer and one nut to pull the pin out as far as the socket will allow. Took a bunch of torque
> (I used an extra-long box end wrench and grabbed the car to pull against) but the pin moved before anything broke. Add a suitable
> spacer and pull some more. Lather, rinse, repeat until the pin falls out. I replaced the nut & all-thread once or twice, as they
> were looking worn.
> Or; take the body off and commence pounding with a BFH. I've always succeeded with the first method but I'm not certain it's
> actually easier than taking the body off <g>
> If you grease the pin up good with copper-based anti-seize before reinstallation, it will pop right out next time.
> -- Randall 
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