[TR] Bullet nose starter ejected front bearing

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Sep 9 11:41:56 MDT 2015

> Starter wouldn't turn well and when I heard a part drop to 
> the driveway,  I pushed it back into the old garage. What was 
> underneath was the nose cover and front bearing of the starter.
> Anyone else have this happen?

I haven't, but obviously something is letting the armature shift back and forth.  You'll have to find out why and fix it, in
addition to replacing the bushing.   Most likely candidate IMO (assuming the bolts are tight) is the locking ring and/or it's cover
at the drive end.  The cover has to fit snugly over the ring, to lock it into the groove in the shaft.

Nominal end play is only .010", max about .015"; the old Lucas Technical Correspondence Course talks about adding shims if
necessary.  You also want to be sure the thrust is against the housing, not just the bushing.

I forget which one it was, but one of the bushings was NLA from the usual suspects, last time I fought with an original starter.
Some quick measurements turned up a suitable substitute from MMC, though, that could be cut to length.  I used a drop of Loctite
"retaining compound" (RC609 IIRC) to make sure they didn't wander off again.

-- Randall  

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