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Sujit --

It is my understanding that many of the brake performance upgrades
available (pads, slotted or drilled rotors, etc.) are to reduce fade in
demanding braking situations.  Clearly an advantage in racing but not
something I ever felt I needed for everyday driving.

Even coming down a twisty mountain road I use the brakes only lightly, in
fact I probably use them more charging up the mountain.

If I have a firm pedal and can lock up all 4 wheels in hard braking then I
don't think I can get much better.

I am a fan of braided hoses as they do seem to give a firmer pedal which,
even if it doesn't equate to better braking, sure feels good.

BTW -- I think it may have been Sir Herbert Austin who defended his cars'
marginal brakes with the claim 'Good brakes promote bad driving habits'.


On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 11:42 AM, Sujit Roy <triumphstag at gmail.com> wrote:

> I took my family in my '71 Stag to San Francisco this weekend. The flat
> roads the brakes feel OK, but I avoided most hilly roads
> So, my next winter project will be to look into the brakes. I'd like to
> make my car stop in shorter distances.
> Are there better brands of brake pads to stick with for Triumphs. I have
>  Stag?
> EBC seems to be a brand mentioned.
> I noticed EBC also sell slotted rotors for the Stag. Do these types of
> rotor make a huge difference?
> If not scored, is it good practice to have rotors skimmed once in a while?
> Also, seems like braided hoses are a good choice.
> Any other recommendations?
> Sujit
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