[TR] early tr4

dave n dave at ranteer.com
Fri Sep 4 21:06:59 MDT 2015

63, been heavily modified by both its PO’s, and I’ve added a high torque starter.

first guy removed the generator, fan, and did some “creative” wiring including a new 10 fuse box.

car sat for 25 years, and the fuse box is not in such good shape.  I’m going to have to totally rewire the car, which doesn’t phase me at all (pun intended).

I have also added a pertronix, and after rebuilding the engine (89 mm pistons!) I’m finally ready to try to start it.

there is currently no power to the ignition system, so I figure I can just hot wire it.  right now the positive cable goes directly to the starter, and I use a wire to turn it over.  the ground goes to the engine.

I can jumper from the battery positive cable to the ignition coil positive terminal, right?  I just don’t want to make a $100 mistake.

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