[TR] Stubborn Glove Box

dave n dave at ranteer.com
Fri Jan 30 06:31:32 MST 2015

from a tr4/4a

it was a good idea, probably dropped for cost cutting reasons

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I don't believe it was for the TR6 but there is a small pull that fits fits 
under the cubby box door lock that fits and works well on my 71 TR6.
It is a TR part - maybe from a 3 or 4...


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I took  a short piece of thin black shoe string and made a loop that I 
placed the ends under the push button/ lock so that the loop stuck out 
enough to pinch with my thumb and index finger as I pushed the button in 
with my thumb and could pull at the same time. Been there for years, no one 
has ever noticed and it works every time. A little tricky to put the the 
lock and the shoe string in the glove box lid the same time, but doable.


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