[TR] Stubborn Glove Box

levilevi at comcast.net levilevi at comcast.net
Thu Jan 29 19:39:45 MST 2015

I took  a short piece of thin black shoe string and made a loop that I placed the ends under the push button/ lock so that the loop stuck out enough to pinch with my thumb and index finger as I pushed the button in with my thumb and could pull at the same time. Been there for years, no one has ever noticed and it works every time. A little tricky to put the the lock and the shoe string in the glove box lid the same time, but doable.

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mine does not open unless I use the key to pull it open.  or you could ben a small nail and stick that in the lock.

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The glove box or should I say “cubby” on the TR6 (1970) has decided it will remain closed until further notice. Key does turn the lock but then the box refuses to open.  Short of blowing up with a shaped charge, is there any other way to open the &^%&^%*& thing ?? 

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