[TR] TR6 ZS Carb/Timing Questions

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Jan 24 22:07:57 MST 2015

>     I am trying to get my TR6 back on the road. I can't seem 
> to get the timing set right. I had the distributor rebuilt at 
> advanced distributor.

Did Jeff give you special instructions on how to adjust the initial timing?

>  but the idle is 
> really high with the idle adjustments backed all the way off.

On the Stag, it turned out that the throttles were being held open by the float bowl vent valves.  I had to readjust the valve
linkage quite a bit to get it to idle down with the vacuum retard disconnected (which I assume is what you are doing as well).

-- Randall  

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