[TR] TR250 Windshield Wiper Motor and switch

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Thu Jan 22 17:32:02 MST 2015

After much effort, I got the wiper motor and switch working as they should.

Ed, a list member, sent me the following information:
The green wire is always connected to 12V, thru the fuse of course.
For High Speed, ground the R/LG wire.
For Low Speed, ground the R/LG wire and the N/LG wire.
That is the way it works in the TR250.  It sounds like other Triumphs do 
it differently.

But now, I have discovered a new problem - isn't that the way it always 

The passenger wheel box assembly wobbles when the wiper is running. It 
wobbles less when the windshield is wet, but it still wobbles.

I have tightened the nut as much as I dare - it helped, but it still 

The first thing I did in this process was to pull the wiper rack cable 
out, cleaned and greased it and put it back in.  I did not do anything 
to the wheelboxes, thinking the grease on cable would take care of the 
wheel boxes.

Do I need to get new wheelbox fittings?  Will that help?  Is there 
anything else that holds them in place?

On 01/11/2015 10:35 PM, Randall wrote:
>> Thanks for the description Randall!  I had been using Greg's
>> method.  I am pretty sure I found the green one, but I blew a
>> couple of fuses in the process.
>> I think there is something wrong with the motor, it only runs
>> with one of the terminals grounded.  But I am going to be
>> more careful in my tests now that I have Randall's instructions.
> Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I fear it may be unmerited.  I was relying on Dan's description of how the low/high speed
> works as I've never owned a TR250.  I know Lucas did it different ways on different motors, so I just assumed Dan had it right for
> the TR250.
> But another list member has written me off-list, saying that the TR250 uses a different arrangement than the one Dan gave. If what
> he says is true, then likely everything I just said is wrong.  Obviously, I need to do some research, but don't have time at the
> moment.
> Sorry for the confusion.
> Randall

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