[TR] Question on installing a spin-off oil filter adapter on my TR4A

Randy and Valerie DeRuiter deruiterville at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 21 12:52:02 MST 2015

You've likely checked but since it hasnt been mentioned yet:  just in case - make sure you don't have remnants of an old o-ring still in the oil filter base.  That is the cause of leaks quite often actually.  
And I'd probably go Hylomar Blue as well for a little extra assurance, though I don't know if its strong enough to really hold any kind of pressure differential if there is a problem area that the o-ring can't handle.
I need to replace my leaking spin-on oil filter adapter as 
it is leaking between the adapter and the cast aluminum oil filter base. My 
question is that I am wondering first of all, is it a good idea to apply some 
type of sealant on the o-rings with the adapter kit? And, if I should apply some 
type of sealant, what is the best sealant?
Other than that, it's running awesome..
Dave Connitt

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