[TR] transmission wisdom

Pete Ryner pryner at verizon.net
Mon Jan 19 15:31:51 MST 2015

I’m working on my ‘56 small mouth.  There was a lot of vibration in the transmission so I tore it down to replace bearings in the layshaft.  I ended up replacing the layshaft as a precaution as it was galled at one location.  When I checked the input shaft there was a lot of play between the input shaft and the output shaft so I changed the bushing inside the rear of the input shaft.  The bushing was a close fit on the output shaft and it took all of the play out which I think was the real source of the chattering.  When I put the box back together the two shafts want to rotate together.  I can turn them separately, but it seems that there is excessive drag between the two.  Is this normal after replacing the bushing?  The car isn’t running, in fact the body is off getting ready for paint so I don’t know how it will act with the rear axle attached.  Any advice is welcome.
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