[TR] TR250 Windshield Wiper Motor and switch

Dave dave1massey at cs.com
Mon Jan 12 05:46:11 MST 2015

Tired of blowing fuses while troubleshooting?  Try this trick: Replace the fuse with a headlamp.  If the circuit is shorted the lamp will burn full bright.  If the circuit is OK the lamp will glow dimly and the circuit will work more or less normally.  I used this technique to verify all the wiring in the TR3 when I installed the new harness.  Works well and saves those rare Lucas fuses.

Dave Massey



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Thanks for the description Randall!  I had been using Greg's method.  I am 
pretty sure I found the green one, but I blew a couple of fuses in the process.

I think there is something wrong with the motor, it only runs with one of the 
terminals grounded.  But I am going to be more careful in my tests now that I 
have Randall's instructions.

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