[TR] Painting Question

Greg Gelhar greg at gelhar.com
Sat Jan 3 19:14:39 MST 2015

A pass through the blast cabinet using glass beads or fine sand would put an excellent paintable surface on it.

Greg G.
Osseo, MN

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James Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:

>The good news is I am finally back to working on my TR4 restoration project.
>The replacement coolant pipe line that runs on the driver side of the engine
>from the front housing to rear of engine is stainless steel.   Any
>recommendations on how to paint the stainless pipe so it adheres well.  I am
>told the finish should be black like the engine.  Powder coat?  
>Thanks in advance.
>Jim Henningsen
>Ocala FL
>62 TR4 
>75 TR6
>68 Land Rover
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