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Loumetelko at aol.com Loumetelko at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 18:04:42 MST 2015

I refuse to read the juvenile comments below about MO-MA  without a 
rebuttal.  About twelve years ago I sent all six of the original  gauges (notice 
correct spelling) from my 54 TR2.  With the gauges I  also sent the tachometer 
and speedometer cables and fuel tank  float.  About 45 days later all were 
returned in absolutely beautiful  condition - I was awed by their 
appearance.  Now almost 35,000 miles later  all remain perfect in both appearance and 
operation.  To say that the now  deceased Margaret or Joey would say to you 
they prefer Pebble Beach customers or  treated you like a tier five customer 
is a crock.  I have and always will  recommend MO-MA as the best of the 
In closing, I will renew my pleading with Mark, our esteemed  leader, to 
enforce a rule stating that any bashing of vendors while naming  names will 
result in a minimum six months suspension!
Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana
54 TR2LD    

I've been buggered by this dilemma some years back.  I did  send my 
original guages to Mo-Ma for rebuild, only to get them back with no  cosmetics to 
the faces or needle and with the gas guage going bad within the  first 
driving season.  Cost?  $700.  To be fair, Mo Ma made it  clear, their first 
priority was to Pebble Beach type customers.   Fine.  But as a hobbyist, I don't 
particularly like being treated like a  tier five customer who was made to 
wait 6 months for my product back.   Maybe the other guage specialists are  

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