[TR] TR6 Steering Wheel

davgil at aol.com davgil at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 12:44:56 MST 2015

Threads about restoring a TR 6 steering wheel reminded me of a minor problem that has bugged me for years.  A DPO evidently tried to polish the spokes on my steering wheel with steel wool,  Now, I have small red specks that I believe are embedded steel that has rusted.  I have tried several methods to clean and remove those, but no luck to date.  This is not a large issue, more of an aggravation.  Has anyone who has had this dilemma found a solution?  Also, as a long time lurker on the list, my thanks to Mark, Randall, Peter, and all who give generously of their time to support this hobby.
David Gill
1976 TR 6
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