[TR] Temp. guages - further question

Greg Gelhar greg at gelhar.com
Mon Feb 23 21:17:31 MST 2015

I have repaired a few original Smith Jaeger temperature gauges by using new capillary tubes and sensing bulbs taken from the Sun gauges. I use the new fitting nut from the Sun gauges without any problem.

Greg G.
Osseo, MN

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Angelo Graham <agraham at execulink.com> wrote:

>Hello List:
>Have been following the latest discussion on the temperature gauges with 
>capillary tubes and the substitute "aftermarket"  (SunPro) gauges that 
>will fit. Just have a question about the fitting at the thermostat 
>housing end. Will the fitting around the capillary bulb fit into the 
>thermostat housing; are the threads compatible?
>Wondering about this one.
>Really waiting for Spring -25C tonight.
>Angelo Graham
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