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I also had a lousy experience with moma.  would never use them.  but morris 
mintz will treat you right.  totally recommend him.
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>If you don't care how it looks, a new one can be a LOT cheaper than a 


>And it drops right in.  Only modification is to run a wire to the lamp on 
>the back.


I've been buggered by this dilemma some years back.  I did send my original 
guages to Mo-Ma for rebuild, only to get them back with no cosmetics to the 
faces or needle and with the gas guage going bad within the first driving 
season.  Cost?  $700.  To be fair, Mo Ma made it clear, their first priority 
was to Pebble Beach type customers.  Fine.  But as a hobbyist, I don't 
particularly like being treated like a tier five customer who was made to 
wait 6 months for my product back.  Maybe the other guage specialists are 

I switched to SunPro guages for my daily driver.  Reliable, attractive for 
non-purists like me, and exceedingly! cheaper.  Wish I'd done it before 
throwing $700 away.

Like Randall says, they drop right in.  Sending unit fits as is.

Guess I'm still torqued about it.  Good news:  Of ever vendor I've worked 
with, from the Big Three to independents like Mike in Vermont, and to 
Randall, Peter, and all the other wonderful people on this list, I can only 
say that buying my $500 TR3 total restoration project out of a shed in New 
York, has been one of the best choices I've made.

Thank you all, by the way, yet again, and especially to Randall who bailed 
me out of any number of perplexing problems from the beginning.  Ten years 
of daily driving, and people at work look forward to seeing my 3 in the 
parking garage for the first time, that Spring has finally arrived in the 

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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