[TR] Smiths Classic Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge from Merlin Motorsport

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Sun Feb 22 19:26:12 MST 2015

Hi folks, 
I replaced the small gauges with what I thought was as close to a stock units as possible, from Auto Meter, (Classic Black) from Summit. The glass is convex, but the needles are orange. 
The stock water temp gauge is the most expensive to recondition. Especially if you cut the line to the sending bulb. It's more than the cost of the Auto Meter set of 4. 
They are electric and come with the sending units. I like that at least they all match and have the convex glass and they work just as they should. Around $200 for the set. 
If I could get Auto Meter to build a set with white needles they would be a perfect solution. 

Dave H. 

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Just buy a new one, actually a little cheaper than a repair 

"Life is too short to drive boring cars" 

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