[TR] TR4A Fan & Hub History

Brad Eells tr4abrad at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 13:27:26 MST 2015

Speaking of TR4A fans...

I did a bit of digging in the parts catalog and found the TR4A was fitted
with potentially 3 different fans,  2 different hub extensions and 2
different hub bolts.

It appears that a 6 blade fan was initially installed and then superceded
by 4 blade metal fan. Both use the same hub extension, part number 128318.
The extension bolt appears to have a 12 point head, part no. 142185. The
same extension is used on the TR4 with the hand crank center bolt.

A 'plastic' fan also appears to be a standard fitment on some cars. The
parts book shows it as a 4 blade fan with perhaps an aluminum center with
plastic blades riveted to it. This fan uses a different hub extension, pt
no. 142121 and rounded hex head center bolt, pt no. HB1349.

My TR4A is an early one that came to me with the 8 blade yellow TR250 fan
when I bought it in 1982. The hub extension and hex bolt I have appears to
be correct for the above plastic fan application compared to the
illustrations in the parts book.

All three bolts are NLS now. I have several of the TR4 bolts and 2 of the
hex head bolts. I have never seen the 12 sided bolt.

A hex head is on Ebay right now fairly cheap! Someone is asking big money
for a TR4 bolt as well...

Never a cooling issue with that fan...well, except when the water pump
shaft broke and tossed the pulley into the radiator core!


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