[TR] Wanted: Body shop recommendations in San Francisco peninsula area

David Ljung Madison team.net at Daveola.com
Wed Feb 18 17:23:12 MST 2015

> I backed the Stag into a neighbors car and need to go through insurance to
> get the Stag fixed.

That's a tough one.  I have, much to my sadness, had to get body work done
in the SF bay area.  I've found some companies that do decent work, but
take basically forever, as they end up putting your car in the back as a
side project for down time.

Also, you often have to micro-manage the job if they need guidance on
how to get it done right if there are multiple options but you want
it back to 'Triumph'

I got work done at Classic Autobody in Berkeley.  They did decent work but
took forever.  5 miles after I got it back someone whipped a U-Turn right
into my fender, so the car is back at the body shop again, at Perrigo's in
Santa Cruz.  Also doing good work and also taking forever.

I've driven my car 5 miles in over 5 years.  I'm not even sure what color
it is anymore.  *sigh*

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