[TR] TR4A engine ground strap

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John, sounds like you're a purist like me! The correct original location
for this ground strap is across the front engine mount rubber. It literally
attaches to the stud of the mount on the engine side, and the bolt of the
same mount on the frame side. The idea is that, since this is a pivot point
it is the location of least movement, in contrast with a cable that runs
from the frame to another location on the engine that moves side to side.
You want to minimize the amount of movement this critical connection makes
to discourage the Prince of Darkness from visiting!

Also make sure to ground the steering rack or your horn won't work.... ask
me how I know! :-)


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> Hello List,
> Am reassembling my TR4A and trying to sort out the correct attachment
> points for the engine ground strap.  I have a 2 1/2 inch 3/8-24 bolt with
> two nuts, a lock washer and 2 star washers that I labeled "engine ground"
> on disassembly.  Now I can't figure out where it goes.  My photos show the
> ground attached to a timing chain cover bolt and the other end to the shock
> tower in an extra bolt hole where the cross tube attaches.  And that is
> where the old strap wants to be.  The hole in the shock tower is about an
> inch deep, so simple enough to secure the strap there.  Just don't know
> where the 2 1/2" bolt with 2 nuts goes.  Could be I mislabeled it.  Any
> enlightenment will be appreciated.
> Lesson learned...be more specific when bagging and labeling.
> John DeLuca
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