[TR] Lets talk oil some more

Jerry Van Vlack jerryvv at roadrunner.com
Sat Aug 8 15:38:46 MDT 2015

I think the active word is "Classic" we have Brad Penn which also has the 
old levels of ZDDP.

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No there isn't, if that same oil was available today, which it is not.

It's worth remembering that Mr. Castrol blends the 'same' oil in varying 
ways, depending on market. While it seems that Castrol 20W/50 in the US no 
longer has the same levels of ZDDP, this is not the case for us in Europe. 
Castrol Classic 20W/50 is widely available and while it has many of the 
features of the 'old' type of oil, it has a few more recent additions and 
the lack of or reduced amount of zinc isn't on the agenda. Zinc levels are 
the same as heretofore. I suppose we're lucky? Castrol and Duckhams still 
blend the original formulas of the 60's and 70's and smaller companies like 
Morris Oils make a whole raft of stuff (single and multigrade) for machinery 
going back for more than a century.


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