[TR] Running down oil leaks

David Friedlander forzion7 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 18:48:52 MDT 2015


Seems to me a(n) LBC only stops 'marking' when it's OUT OF OIL! LOL!

Perhaps a few wraps of small diameter solder would do the trick....?

Dave Friedlander

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 8:27 PM, Dave Connitt <dconnitt at fuse.net> wrote:

>  Hello everyone,
> So I am getting close to plugging all the oil leaks on my TR4A IRS but I
> have a question for the list.
> One of the sources of leaking oil was relating to the cast aluminum oil
> filter assembly. Specifically there were two leaks;
> 1. There was a leak between the large hex "bolt"on top of the oil filter
> casting and the casting. Easy fix, just had to tighten the "bolt"
> 2. The second leak was between the lock nut holding the screw that holds
> the screw locked into item 1 and the hex "bolt".
> There was no mention of this assembly in my shop manual but I did find an
> exploded view of the cast aluminum oil filter attachment assembly. The
> exploded view shows "lead wire" as a sealant between that adjustment screw
> and the hex "bolt".  From the exploded view, it looks like you are just
> supposed to wrap two or three turns around the locking nut and tighten it
> up..
> My question is, what have other people used to replace the "lead wire"?
> I think what happened is that years ago when I was cleaning the aluminum
> oil filter attachment assembly, I put it back together off the engine and
> probably didn't have a way to really tighten either pieces. I cleaned it
> all off with carb cleaner after I tightened them and went for a quick spin
> and all seems dry!
> Two down and no idea how many more but it is marking it's territory less
> and less.
> Regards,
> Dave Connitt
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