[TR] TR6 paint colors, names and paint codes.

Dave Murphy roadwarriordave at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 26 23:43:31 MDT 2015

Thanks for everyone's comments on my TR6 Colors!
Per Jeff Scarborough, my little TR6 color presentation  does probably show some of the limitations of photography as regards my own car, the Java Green one  and no doubt as regards a few of the other photos. But rather than photographs lying about the color, I think they just relay how the color really did look with the lighting brightness,angle and reflections present at the time. I guess I took the easy way out in using a stock photo of my own Java green car (original paint, original owner) caught in the light(shade?) in which I usually view it, when, for comparison purposes, I probably should have taken a photo catching the car in direct sunlight, shot from the other side of the street. 
Then as Joe Curry said, seeing color swatches in files transmitted over the internet will vary from computer to computer, so you may not all see the same colors as I wanted you to see. 
But hopefully you'll see that Magenta is that bright purple, Java is that bright green, and that Jasmine was a very pale yellow. And that the color Topaz was available on the last cars only. And that Mallard is the dark blue that looks green, etc. etc..
Anyway, I made this little presentation just for myself about 3 months ago. I'd for a long time wanted to put "faces" to (the color) names and so I could see roughly how all the colors compared with one another.  I think it is a lot better to see different colored TR6 cars all parked at the same angle rather (a little like going to a car show) than look at 25 paint rectangles and try to imagine what cars in each of those colors might look and compare.  It makes me smile looking at all the pretty TR6s and reading the interesting color names. 
I just thought I'd share it.

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