[TR] TR6 paint colours, names and BL paint codes.

John Macartney john.macartney at ukpips.org.uk
Sun Apr 26 02:30:45 MDT 2015

While it's useful to see differing colours, the charts are inaccurate
inasmuch as colours were not available simply year to year. The majority
covered more than one year. Furthermore, if a colour was available within
the total vehicle range, it could be applied to any car as production 'fit'.
As an example, Sienna was shown on a TR6 for just one year yet it was
available from late '69 build on all other Triumphs and this meant any
Triumph could be painted in it.

As for Jonquil on a Mk3 Spitfire, that combination is way way out.

It would have been far more sensible to show when the colours came in to
production and when they went out and accepting the fact that the colour
chart model applications were only a guide and not as absolute as many seem
to think. Finally, the paint codes applied only to Triumph and not BL.


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This is the attachment I sent Brian Loy yesterday. It shows photos of TR6s
shot from a similar angle in every available color, the color name, the
paint code & when the years the colors were available.  I hope I've attached
it successfully.
-David Murphy
Dearborn Mi
'76 Java Green TR6

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