[TR] TR3 Fuel Pump

dave n dave at ranteer.com
Sun Apr 19 20:24:40 MDT 2015

those are pretty nice.  even better - it’s a tool I don't have.  its very
hard to go tool shopping these days and actually want something; I've been
collecting tools for 40+ years.

btw - some years ago I saw a socket wrench that didn't click - it was a 
continuous thing so you turn just a little tiny bit then back up and repeat. 
it was about $100, but it’s a tool I still lust after.  has anyone seen that 
around anywhere?

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> There are lots of ways to attack this nut, and the "Justin
> Wagner set-up" has been referenced a couple of times in this
> thread. Since his website is no longer active I thought I
> would attach a picture he posted on it some time ago.

FWIW, the swivel socket used to be readily available at Sears.  However, I
was looking for a similar socket in 5/16" (to remove the
throttle shaft pivots) and it appears from the web site that Sears no longer
stocks the 1/4" drive flex sockets.

So, I ordered this set from Amazon instead

Ordered it Friday, got it today.  It didn't come in the blow-molded case
shown on the Amazon site, but instead a plastic rail.  I
like the rail better anyway.  Here's a photo of what I actually got, from
the GearWrench site

I thought the Amazon price was a bit on the high side (although it does
include their sudden shipping), until I saw the price on the
GearWrench site!

-- Randall 

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