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Makes one wonder if the car has worked fine for 35 years with a vacuum unit which never working.


It’ll be interesting to see if you notice a difference with a functional unit.  I’d certainly be interested in hearing.


Andrew Uprichard


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I have a ‘56 TR3 with a 40798B Lucas distributor installed.  It has been in the car for the last 35 years and has worked fine.  I’m cleaning up the engine while the body is out for paint, mostly detailing and fixing leaks.  It was rebuilt some time ago but has very low miles on it since the rebuild.  Anyway, I had the distributor apart to clean it up and found that the vacuum unit isn’t working.  I went to the big three to find a vacuum unit and my distributor isn’t listed.  In fact, I can’t find a reference for this distributor at all except that moss lists a cam to fit it under their TR3 section.  None of the vacuum units available are made to this distributor.  Can anyone give me an idea of where this distributor is used?  It obviously can be used in a TR3, but what is the difference from the ones listed in the parts books?  Finally, does anyone know of a place to find a vacuum unit for this distributor?  Any and old help is greatly appreciated.


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